Minneapolis Law Firms

Minneapolis Law Firms

Minneapolis Law Firms

What Makes a Good Minneapolis Law Firm?

Minnesota does see its share of legal issues among residents in any city. For Minneapolis? No different. You can expect a multitude of situations involving the law, such as:

1. Malpractice

2. Bankruptcy

3. Auto Accident

4. Personal Injury

5. Workman’s Comp

6. Taxes

7. Estate Planning

8. Probate

9. Property

10. Criminal

11. Divorce

12. Marriage

13. Adoption

14. Juvenile Delinquency

And this is just a ‘short’ list! There’s a lot more out there involving the law. And like anything else, the law needs some ‘representation.’ That’s what lawyers are for.

But How Does One Find a Good Lawyer in Minneapolis?

Easy. You learn about what makes a good Minneapolis law firm. And be sure to take notes, because this isn’t the same thing as opening up a phone book and looking for a nearby plumber.

The first thing to do is understand this simple fact:

There Are Two Kinds of Minneapolis Law Firms Out There

Just two? Yes. That’s it. But don’t count your chickens quite yet, because there’s a lot to know about these two types of Minneapolis law firms. And quite frankly you see these two types anywhere, not just in the city of Minneapolis:

1. Large Law Firms

2. Small law Firms

You can’t get more basic than that. And this might make it even easier: they’re a breeze to spot out on any main street (or in the phone book).

Large Law Firms

1. Bold Letters

2. Advertising Space

3. Skyscraper or Any Large Building

4. National or Global Presence

Small Law Firms

1. Simple Phone Listings

2. Maybe a Flyer or Two

3. Small Building or Business Complex

4. Local Presence

Those are the characteristics, and right off the bat one would think that the former kind, the large Minneapolis law firm, has the better goods for service.

Believe it or not, that’s not true. Both types of Minneapolis law firms have their own unique strengths, and depending on the case, certain strengths will benefit greatly.

But now that you know what types of Minneapolis law firms are out there, it’s important to know what makes any particular firm a good choice.

Starting with….

The Advantages of the Large Minneapolis Law Firm

Size should be all it takes to win the most services, right? Wrong. This goes for any aspect of business: size doesn’t win all. And large Minneapolis law firms don’t have any kind of superiority over the smaller offices out there.

When considering the advantages, or strengths, of a particular large Minneapolis law firm, this is what you need to look for:

1. The Team Advantage

2. Better Resources

3. More Advanced Technology

4. And the Better Track Record

In This Case, Size Does Matter

When it comes to a team, anyway. No matter what, though, this is a massive advantage larger Minneapolis law firms have over the smaller offices. Why? Because two heads are better than one.

Typically in any large Minneapolis law firm, the team of lawyers can number to about ten or twenty – maybe even thirty. And that’s just the lawyers working!

Others Work in the Larger Minneapolis Law Firms, Too

And that’s where additional resources come in. The lawyers working in the larger Minneapolis law firm will not only get a chance to rub heads with the rest of the team, but also get plenty of support from these members of staff:

1. Mail Room Clerks

2. Legal Writers

3. Legal Interns

4. Legal Assistants

5. Paralegals

It’s a legal armada of quality and service. No lawyer will have difficulty handling any case thanks to the amount of resources available. And for a client, that’s great news.

Likewise, Technology Assists Any Lawyer

An attorney behind on the times can look pretty messy. Have you even seen an attorney’s desk without the use of these technological advancements?

1. Smartphones

2. Laptops

3. Tablets

4. Social Media

5. Online Documentation

6. Even Flash Drives!

Some attorneys, specifically in the smaller settings, may not have the ability to acquire any of these types of technologies. But attorneys working in the larger firms do.

And almost always, it’ll help any client out with a case; because it helps the lawyer tremendously.

The Better Track Record Is the Result

Roll all of it into one giant package, and you can say this one important fact about these big-time law firms in Minneapolis:

The highest-paid lawyers work there. And the reason why they’re paid the most is because they win the most. No client can deny that.

Of Course, Where Does That Leave the Smaller Office?

If you can believe it, the smaller firms do just fine. How? Let’s just say that demand for legal representation never goes down. And without a doubt, smaller firms do have their unique advantages, such as:

1. Better Rates and Fees

2. More Hardworking

3. Emphasis on Both the Client and Case

4. Understanding of Local and State Laws

5. Better Specialization

Now we’re talking.

A Small-time Lawyer Can Charge Less?

Most definitely. But not for the reason you think. With any business, competition exists. But the legal field is an entirely different matter.

There’s so much demand that lawyers really don’t have to compete with pricing at all. Rather, these aspects happen to be the reasons for a small-time lawyer charging less:

1. Less Office Space

2. Less Staffing

3. Less Business Expenses

It’s pretty self-explanatory. Smaller offices don’t have the 300 floors to maintain. Smaller offices don’t need to pay thirty-some attorneys a high salary, nor do they have to worry about paying an hourly rate for the dozens of paralegals, legal assistants, and mail room clerks.

Typically, a small office will have one, two, maybe three lawyers at the most, and one personal assistant. Nothing else.

That makes for less expense and the ability to charge less. But make no mistake: a client won’t lose out on experience or skill on a lawyer working in a smaller office.

Hardworking? Yes.

Because of the small setting, it just so happens that most lawyers in the smaller firms of Minneapolis may actually work harder. Why? Because they have to.

This may mean they have more experience, tougher skin. They’re more seasoned. They know what they’re doing. And they don’t back down from a legal fight.

More Personable? Definitely Yes.

It’s obvious that when they work that hard on any given case, they’ll also get to be a little bit more involved with the needs of the client. It becomes a true ‘business relationship,’ not just a ‘contract.’

And for many clients, that’s a major plus sign in determining which lawyer to hire in Minneapolis. Someone who knows how to treat clients like actual people.

Likewise, That Hardworking Personality Gets the Best Experience Locally and in Any Niche

It’s a fact that most cases revolve around county or state laws. So it’s important that a client find a lawyer that’s not only well-versed in those laws, but also well-seasoned.

Because small-time attorneys happen to localize themselves, focusing on one specific legal niche and not only understanding the local and state laws but getting the inside knowledge on local and state judges, other attorneys, and even the nooks and crannies of the given county courthouse, chances are they’re the much better choice than a high-priced lawyer sitting in the 23rd floor of the niche department of a global law firm.

Those Are the Strengths. Now Here’s the Facts.

The decision to hire a lawyer ultimately depends on the case. Forget the strengths when making the choice. The point of knowing what makes a good firm in Minneapolis is simply this:

You know what you’re dealing with. Now just know your case. Once you do, you can make the best decision for it.





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