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November 30
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What Makes a Good Lexington Law Firm?

So you may have everything figured out in Houston, Dallas, Laredo, or Waco, Texas, but for those living in Lexington, there has to be some sort of manual for finding legal representation. And not just any legal representation. Good representation.

It’s Not as Easy as Looking in a Phone Book, Though

To be truthful, lawyers are listed in the Yellow Pages. And you can do a good amount of research on lawyers to figure out which one is the right one for the case, but in all honesty you would have to have a pretty good understanding of the types of Lexington law firms to look for.

Okay, Wait a Second – What is a ‘Firm’?

So here’s the deal – finding a lawyer is one thing, but finding a ‘firm’ is a whole different story.

A ‘firm’ is essentially a lawyer’s office. And when it comes to a Lexington law firm, you’ve got two types:

1. The “Small” Firm

2. And the “Large” Firm

This is crucial to know, because attorneys working in a “small” firm are a lot different than attorneys working in a “large” firm. And knowing the difference between the two may help you diversify your shortlist of lawyers when looking to hire one.

Starting With the “Small” Firm

Typically that type of Lexington law firm is a small office located either in a small building or in an office section in a complex of buildings. Generally, it may have four or five rooms with one secretary working the phones. Sometimes a second or third lawyer will also be running the office, and sometimes it may even be family owned.

If you’re looking for one of the good Lexington law firms, this is what you can expect:

1. Inexpensive Rates and Fees

2. More Personable and Passionate About Their Work

3. They Work Harder

4. More Specialized

5. More Knowledgeable About State Laws

Bottom Line: Smaller Lexington Law Firms Offer Better Rates

There are, of course, some exceptions. You may run into a Lexington law firm with such an incredible track record that they can afford to charge ungodly amounts of money, because the fact is these particular firms can almost guarantee success.

But for the most part, a small Lexington law firm doesn’t need a lot in terms of finances – at least compared to some of the big names out there.

Mostly the reason why that’s the case is because this kind of firm doesn’t have a ton of legal assistants or paralegals to put on the payroll, nor is the building so huge that they shell out a ton of money to maintain the property and pay the huge mortgage on a regular basis.

Still, time is money – and working a case is hard, so you’ll find any Lexington law firm working on a small scale still charging a good penny (not a pretty penny) for services. But you most certainly, in many cases, get a lot more than what you pay for.

Clients Are Important

Why do you get a lot more than what you pay for with these smaller Lexington law firms? Obviously to retain the clients. Think about it.

With any small business, clientele is crucial. One lost client can mean a ton of money for a small business. A larger corporation will only feel the slight sting of losing a client, because there are a dozen more already pouring in the dough for the bottom line of the company.

So, naturally, it would stand to reason that lawyers in these smaller Lexington law firms will work a lot harder to retain their clients and even get very personable about their services, involving themselves in the client more than the case itself.

And most clients like that, truthfully. Most clients don’t like to feel that they’re a ‘case number.’

Being Unique

And while we’re on the subject of ‘case numbers,’ know that such numbers are much more unique when they’re about a specialized niche in the legal field. Score one for all the smaller Lexington law firms out there.

Because most of those kinds of firms tend to specialize in a given area. Which brings about the most important piece of advice any client can have:

If you want to find a good divorce lawyer (for example), you’ll probably find better service ‘locally’ with a smaller office specializing in divorce law than with a much larger law firm that happens to have a “department” for that law practice.

In addition, chances are the smaller firms have a lot more experience with state laws than the larger firms do, which in some cases can prove to be a big plus.

So Smaller Firms Sound Really Good – But What About Those Big Names Out There?

Honestly, there’s a reason why those larger firms out there do so well (or else they wouldn’t be so large).

1. A Team Mentality

2. Better Trial Lawyers

3. Better Track Record

4. Better Technology

Now we’re getting somewhere and you, a prospective client, can determine which type of firm fits your case, because this is a whole new ballgame.

The larger firms have one advantage over small firms –

Less Is Most Definitely Not ‘More’

No matter how you slice it, two heads (or maybe even three) are better than one. That’s why most of these large Lexington firms in the tall buildings with their own mail rooms and a dozen secretaries and legal assistants have a ‘team’ mentality.

Any client will not only have one lawyer working a case – but two, maybe three. That makes for a great team advantage, a better chance in winning the case. Not to mention the help legal assistants and paralegals provide for a number of different services, making the job of the lawyers a lot easier, such as:

1. Paperwork

2. Interviews

3. Research

4. Writing

5. Jury Picking

You name it, these larger firms can do it without breaking a sweat.

Courtroom Experience Matters

This all comes down to the courtroom and which lawyer can win out. In most cases, it seems that the lawyer that’s more prepared has a better chance of success in the courtroom, because that lawyer doesn’t have to worry about the writing, the paperwork, the interviews, the prepping. None of that. All the lawyer has to do is perform. And that’s it.

When it comes to clients and what they need, what happens in the courtroom is paramount.

Hence the Track Record

Which normally in a large firm can be quite impressive. And it’s a pretty good indicator that a client’s dealing with major experience if the track record shows it.

It’s almost common sense, really – if it shows that this particular firm in Lexington has a good track record of winning cases in, say, personal injury, you might want to consider that firm very carefully.

It All Comes Down to a Decision

Larger law firms? Or smaller law firms?

It all depends on the needs of the case. And each case varies. Bottom line? It all depends on what you, the client, will need. But now you know –

When setting up a shortlist, make sure to spread it out between the two types of firms. You’ll have a better chance of finding a good law firm when everything is said and done.



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